3D Architectural Visualization

A Guide to 3d Architectural Visualization

There is a development of numerous technologies designed to make engineering, construction, and architecture processes cost-efficient and easier. Most of these solutions are aimed to change how architects operate by bringing forth new possibilities. One of the most efficient game-changing technologies is 3D architectural visualization. Almost everyone in the construction business is adopting architectural 3D rendering.

As much as numerous architects are using 3D technology, they are still unaware of the benefits the technology offers. Very few architects are conversant with the variety of 3D products and ways they can use them to save money. That’s why we decide to highlight some facts about 3D visualizations to enable our clients to make more informed decisions.

As a 3D rendering company, we have worked with numerous clients in the construction industry. For every project, we have developed a unique approach to architectural rendering objects. Every day we receive clients with open arms and help them come up with the best solution suitable for their project. As we interact with clients, we realized most lack substantial knowledge of commercial 3D rendering and residential 3D rendering. So we decided to come up with a guide to enlighten our clients. Read on and get acquainted.

What is 3D Architectural Visualization?

It is creating photorealistic images of places and objects through the use of computer graphic software. Using computer 3D, you can visualize anything from architectural objects to their surroundings.

Which Are the Types of Architectural 3d Rendering

There are two main types of architectural 3D rendering.

  • Exterior 3D rendering enables an architect to illustrate a building from any angle: close up, perspective view, or top view. Such information allows you to visualize how a building will fit on the current surrounding

  • Interior 3D rendering that enables an architect to demonstrate how each room will be even before the construction process begins


How to Identify the Quality of CGI

There are numerous criteria one can use to identify the quality of 3D architectural rendering. As much as there are different techniques, there are universal rules that differentiate between quality and shoddy services. They include images that should look natural, be of accurate size, perfect geometry, and contain high-resolution photorealistic textures. Quality should not be an area of concern when working with us. We provide high-quality 3D visualization services for every project we get.

How Much Does Rendimension 3D Services Cost?

Our architect 3D rendering services' cost varies depending on the model's complexity, types of visuals, number of corrections, and urgency. All in all, we work within your budget, subsequently, do not hesitate to contact us for a commercial 3D rendering service quote or residential 3D rendering service quote.

If you want any form of 3D visualization services, contact us today. We promise to deliver the services as fast as we can, depending on the scale at hand.

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