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Visualisation and still image production provide challenges across both the artistic and technical spectrums.  The complex software and detailed architectural forms that need to be understood, examined, and visualised mean the best visualisation contains the flamboyance and intrigue of the artist and the technical rigour of the engineer.


All of our work has a sound technical and process driven grounding and from there we add the creative flair through team review and creative sessions.  We aim to think like photographers and many of our team have a strong photographic background.


Our process involves view studies, 3d modelling, materials and lighting reviews, composition studies and render and post production phases.  We aim to involve our clients as much as they require and make them part of the visualisation process.  We also understand that we need to be reactive to design changes and absorb them into the workflow.  The end results are accurate, reactive, effective and help to drive sales.






Virtual Reality has had a few attempts over the years to win people over but it has previously not been so successful.  This time the signs are very promising and this emerging medium is having a positive impact in the architecture and property world.  Assisted by some heavy investment from Facebook and various new headset options in the Gear VR and the Oculus Rift it opens up possibilities to understand designs and spaces like never before.

Rendmension were cautious of implementing VR at first while many embraced it without understanding how it might be best distributed.  You can review our recent blog post on the subject here.  Consideration of where and how the content is delivered is critical, even down to the last detail such as if the viewer will be seated of stood up when viewing their device.

Rendimension are convinced this medium, in the right settings can have a very powerful impact on sales and design understanding.  We have started to offer it on each appropriate project as an extra service, it can be produces at a comparable cost to a static image and allows for many options on delivery of the product so it is not purely reliant on the headsets.






Verified Views or Accurate Visual Representation (AVR's) are highly accurate architectural photo-montages which are achieved by combining a 3D model with verified photography and use precise camera positions, survey data, exact coordinates and a strict recorded methodology.  Verified views are invaluable for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's) and planning applications to understand the potential effect of a scheme on the surrounding area.
After an initial briefing where the location of views is chosen, we attend the site and take high resolution photography from each viewpoint recording a set of detailed parameters including; position of the camera, angle and lens focal length, GPS location, and sensor information. Our surveyor also records a range of reference points and the camera locations. Using existing 3D data, models or architectural drawings, we generate a 3D model of the scheme and import the survey data and reference points, matching the angles and locations of each camera setting. Our advanced post production software allows us to montage the high resolution photography and rendered 3D model to produce a stunning visualisation of the scheme. A methodology report with all relevant viewpoints, survey data and exact information is produced along with images indicating the before and after images.






Rendimension film and animation work combines real world filming, talking head intros and CG elements.  Most of our work in this area is confidential but our showreel is visible here.  We develop storyboards and work with our clients to clarify the brief then discuss ways in which to deliver the right messages within a budget that works for our clients.


Architectural films can take many forms and don’t always require large budgets to deliver.  Many films can be short teasers and some focus on imaginative details and innovations within a design rather than the entire schemes. Rendimension CGI also like to explore how films work with still images and VR elements and real world filming.  Critical to our production methods are the stories and key messages of a site – these remain through the entire production.






Rendimension are pleased to announce their new 3d Scanning service Virtual Visit.   This new technology has been developed in the US, revolutionising the Real Estate Market and Rendimension are one of the first companies to bring the technology to the UK.  The output allows the viewer to experience a property just like they were there in person.  On any device,  a viewer can navigate around the property in a clear and informative way that gives a deep understanding of the property. It is cutting edge technology that without a doubt will be used more and more for marketing, especially for high-end properties, where many potential buyers will be from overseas Virtually Visiting the building.

A property can be scanned in a morning with the 3d viewable file ready later that day and able to be hosted on a website and viewable within a portal.

Viewers can navigate between a “dollhouse” or “floor plan” view, and easily navigate your way around the property, which is the next best thing to actually viewing it in reality.  The technology is also evolving and it is possible to view a property in an immersive VR headset.






Rendimension see photography as a key part of our visualisation, film and VR service.  We encourage our visualisers to undertake photography and think like photographers.  We have a range of high end photographic equipment including some high level masts that allow for a unique perspective on our sites.  Our Mast photography is proving to be a popular service.


As part of our Visualisation process we spend a long time on site considering different camera positions, lensing options and getting the perfect time of day.  We also shoot for reflections, surrounding details and people on site as well as any accessories that may help illustrate the scene.  We also undertake area photos and interior photography if required.

Rendimension is a professional 3D Architectural Visualisations Company based in Manchester. We focus on creating high-quality 3D Visualisations and CGI for Architects, Designers and Developers. Our team is made up of highly skilled professionals from the Architecture and Design industry, and we are constantly looking for new ways to push the boundaries of visualising creative work.

What We Do

With a background in architecture, our team are able to incorporate an extensive knowledge and understanding of space, lighting and structure into generating high-quality visuals for any scheme. With every visualisation, we use a range of established 3D software packages in creating an environment which appropriately reflects the life of your project.

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