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At Redimension we are dedicated to transforming your creative vision into reality.

We take pleasure and pride in creating bespoke, photo-realistic 3D architectural visualisations of the highest quality. We offer interior visualisations, exterior visualisations & 3D floor plans tailored to the individual needs of your business. 

Our experienced CGI artists are focused on delivering a superb quality of work and maintaining excellent communication with our clients. We aim to provide you with a clear, professional and enticing visualisation of your proposals and designs to present to clients and potential buyers. We are available by telephone, email or in person for briefing and site visits. Our in-house texture & model library is constantly expanding. This along with our network of major texture and modelling suppliers enables us to finely tailor bespoke visualisations to closely match any given texture or building material you require.

External Visualisation

We transform your 2D sketch elevations of beautifully designed spaces into visually stunning CGI photo-real 3D images, which can be put to powerful effect for marketing in the fields of Architecture, Construction and Interior Design. Our passionate and experienced CGI artists work with your design teams for both exterior and interior proposals to turn your ideas into reality.
High calibre Architectural exterior visualisations communicate the essence of your design in a visual language that everyone can understand. Bringing your vision into form through 3D interior and exterior visual representations lends weight to planning applications and boosts the investment potential of your project.

Interior Visualisation

We produce highly detailed Interior Visualisations for a wide range of commercial and residential projects, serving clients from across the creative professions including Interior Designers, Property Developers and Architects. In the initial consultation phase we invite our client to walk us through a detailed briefing on their vision for the project, including drawings, floor plans, paper doodles, mood-boards, furniture detailing and materials.
We can present your unique design concept precisely and clearly, choosing from a range of contexts and mood lighting setups to achieve the highest quality of interior visualisation.
Everything is possible from a studio-lit scene focusing on furniture and single elevation visuals, to beautifully showcasing a vast open plan kitchen/dining and lounge space. We offer several different production possibilities from a ‘clay render pack’ to single full-colour CGIs and can discuss these options with you in detail.


Photo-Montage imagery has been in high demand for planning applications since our inception, as it enables officials to easily visualise the proposed design in the existing context.
These are composite images whereby a rendered, 3D image is superimposed onto a high quality photograph of a particular site, supplied either by the client to our specifications or by our own specialist photographer.
We produce a detailed 3D model of your proposal based on the 3D information and material lists provided, issuing monochromatic clay renders to confirm the massing is exactly to your specifications, and then finalise the views required for the application, contextual background images and source materials from our libraries or from unique site photographs.
Post-production is completed in Photoshop where we carefully marry our visual with an agreed photograph that has been taken. At this stage we can tailor the image to add emphasis on distinct features of the proposal, weather the raw materials and add depth to the imagery.

3D Floorplan Visualisation

3D floor plans are a powerful presentation tool that are created from your 2D floor plans, providing you with a clear overview of an interior space identifying key elements of a design. We can use items from our extensive libraries to fully furnish your floor plans or we can use any specified item of furniture for your overall desired design.

We are able to show what the final construction will look like with 3D photo-realistic visualisations, being perfect for brochures and pitching to potential investors or buyers that are in the property development industry. Visually engaging promotional material is essential for successful marketing. Sometimes a strong image representation can be more powerful than other presentation methods. For this purpose 3D floor plan visuals play a huge part in sales within this field.

Aerial Overview CGI

Often, when we are asked to produce visuals for developers, they like to be able to see their project in it’s entirety, as a way to effectively showcase to their clients exactly what it is that is being built. This can then be used for all sorts of marketing campaigns, showing potential visitors the exact layout of the proposed site.
Due to the highly competitive nature of the current markets, it makes a huge difference if design proposals can be shown in their totalities. 3D Site Overviews show properties in relation to the rest of the development, and this service really resonates with buyers.

When faced with a 3D Site Overview, we tend to model the individual houses in separate files, so to optimise our workflow as best we can, and then reassemble them at the end for insertion into one mega file in order to render the chosen scenes. A high angle would commonly be used to maximize the viewing angle, looking down at the site, overlooking all aspects of the scheme. We then operate in the same manner as we do for exterior visualisations by taking the rendered passes of that chosen scene into Photoshop, tweaking the image as we go by inhabiting it with people and day-to-day additions like clouds, cars, birds etc.

In presenting designs in this manner, we tend to come to the conclusion that clients find it easier to maneuver through the proposal and understand the 3D make up of the space. It provides an interesting alternative to an eye-level exterior CGI, and one that we will love to continue working on.

We produce the digital 3D CAD/BIM Architectural model for interior designers. 

You receive black and white or colored 2D Floor Plans & 3D Floor Plans based on your photos, sketches and measurements. 

We provide High Quality Photorealistic Images with accurate material and lighting representation so you can demonstrate the full potential of your design to your client.

We take you to places that don’t exist. Working alongside architects, interior designers and developers, we use CGI, animation, film and immersive content to bring design concepts to life. 

We’re meticulous about everything, from the technical specs to the subtlest details. But we don’t just present your idea in an accurate way. We reveal its true character. Because when the whole thing really lives and breathes, you can explore it, experience it – and be inspired. 

We’re always looking for new ways to define your unseen world. We rethink, we rework, and we don’t stop until we’ve turned your vision into something vivid and compelling.


Services Provided

We offer CGIs, planning and AVR images, as well as animation, promotional films and immersive content. 


If you’re pitching to win a project, our CGIs, animations and short films can bring your concepts to life. And by depicting a world that feels lived-in, a world that feels real, we believe they will give you the edge.


Our planning images and Accurate Visual Representations (AVRs) can help support feasibility studies or planning applications. These images give you the perfect balance of creativity and technical accuracy.

Marketing CGIs

Whatever visual style you choose, we add details that will stir the emotions: warm light emanating from a townhouse at suppertime, cool mist settling over an autumn meadow. These are the little touches that make an image come alive.


Animation allows you to show your concepts in a new, imaginative way. For instance, you can animate maps and use moving images to bring your environment to life, or use graphics to highlight key facts and features.

Promo films

Our promo films can show your concepts at their most majestic, their most intimate, their most breathtaking. We can also add animated elements to add another dimension and capture the viewers’ imaginations.

VR & Real-time

Using Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear headsets our virtual reality systems allow you to evaluate existing ideas, resolve issues and refine designs. And you don’t just see the technical details. You can have an emotional response to the space – instead of seeing on a page how a particular design feature could enhance your design, you can experience it.

We are a creative production studio creating images, animation and interactive platforms. We produce content for clients in advertising, marketing, product design and architecture using a blend of CGI, photography, high-end retouching, compositing, video and film. 

We create kitchen, bedroom and bathroom CGI for the UK’s biggest retailers and manufacturers, visualise buildings for some of the world’s top architects, and produce great images, animation and film for award winning creative agencies.

CGI images and animations which help you visualise your project before you begin. This can facilitate interior design decisions, building design, costing, planning permission and marketing! You can actually walk through your home with 3D visualisation goggles! Get the power of virtual reality!!


Services Provided

Virtual Reality, 3D images and animations which can be used to facilitate design decisions, marketing, planning permission, build cost. 

We are a CGI and 3D Design Studio 

We specialise in providing high quality photorealistic CGI room sets for the Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom sector, architectural 3D visualisations, animation, video walkthroughs and digital asset management.
At Rendimension we are more than just CGI artists and designers. We are innovative. We dedicate ourselves to being at the forefront of current technology giving us the competitive edge in our industry.

Our workflow and processes are streamlined meaning that as a customer you get a quality service on time every time and we keep it within your budget. There are no hidden costs. With more than 20 years combined experience in the CGI industry we are able to bring your projects to life and help you market your product and brand.


● CGI is flexible and allows you to display a full range of products in all their available forms and scenarios whilst keeping your costs down.
● We work with clients all over the world. With CGI you can view, approve and amend your images online and run the project from wherever you are.
● In CGI your roomset lasts forever. We store it on our secure server and you can revisit and adapt it again and again, unlike traditional photography which would require the set to be torn down once the project was completed.
● Due to CGI’s versatility you can build, style and change a set much quicker than with traditional roomset photography.
● In the end it all leads to lower prices. And lower prices mean you can get as much as possible for your marketing or advertising campaign.

Rendimension is a CGI studio based in Manchester and is home to creatives, CGI artists and technical specialists working together to offer the best possible CGI imagery, animations and VFX to clients in the KBB, architecture and automotive industries.
Our diverse skill set and years of experience in the industry mean we can deliver a high quality product at an extremely competitive price.

Computer Generated Images (CGI, Render)

3D rendering is the process of producing an image based on three-dimentional data stored within a computer. By using photorealistic images can bring improvements in efficiency and reduce costs. It also helps to shorten the design cycles, to streamline manufacturing process and to accelerate product introduction. Computer generated image (CGI) can capture and show accurate detailing and features of an interior/exterior design or a building in many angles.

Computer Generated Animation (CGA)

The level of 3D Computer Generated Animation produced by Rendimension team is an evolutionary simulated world that represents realism as accurately as possible. By slicing up the world into the smallest segments possible and then controlling how those tiny parts move, react and change based on their objects and conditions within that 3D world, we are able to realistically simulate the real world. Concepts and ideas, which cannot be easily represented in words or even through illustrations, can be easily created and viewed from different angles.

  • ​​Building Exterior Illustration. Use a developed CGI for architectural presentation to illustrate what your future building should look like and how it will fit within the existing surrounding space. Without the building being visualised at the pre-construction stage it would be hardly possible to persuade clients to buy it.

Advantages for Property Developers / Agents:

  • ​​Apartment Interior Illustration.  Develop a full CGI package of your future apartments to illustrate possible designs in order to launch sales even though construction having not been finished yet

  • Apartment Interior Animation. Use a walk-through technology to give client full perception of designed interior space inside your apartments.

Advantages for Designers / Architects:

  • ​​Custom product design Illustration. If you have an idea of a unique product, but you haven't manufactured it yet, develop a CGI to present the product to public. Real marketing can start way before the real production.

  • ​​Interior-Exterior Design Illustration. Computer generated image (render) is the best way to present an interior/exterior design so the client could get an idea how it will look in real life. Simple drawing cannot provide such a detailed design composition view. Having all an object being illustrated in a photo real render will make sure your client fully understands how all the space will look like as if it's real. That is why CGI can improve presentation and promotion services greatly.

  • ​​Interior-Exterior Animation.Sometimes it happens that static images are not enough for the client to get full perception of Exterior/Interior space. In these cases 3D walkthrough / flythrough animation could enhance dramatically any design presentation. If there are some movable elements to show some engineering features, it not possible to avoid animation video presentation which could explain in second how all works.

Advantages for Producers:

  • ​​Article illustration for Catalogues and Website. Get a photorealistic image of the product in order to present it to clients. Upload developed CGI's to show a full spectrum of available items. Create a catalogue with the products used in interiors even before the models have been put into production.

  • ​​Custom product Illustration for Contract projects. Get an ability to present interior items used in different design compositions. Use photorealistic images for contract projects in order to improve sales.

  • ​​Animation presentation for Exhibitions. Develop a 3D animation video for exhibitions and new collection shows with the newest items available to be presented.

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