CAD Drafting Services

CAD Drafting Services

Rendimension is a 3D visualization company specialized in providing comprehensive CAD services. We have years of experience delivering end-to-end CAD solutions to renowned construction companies in California, Texas, and Florida. For every project, we start by understanding our clients’ requirements. We then channel our knowledge to deliver quality outcomes.

Our drafting services can be used to come up with 3D models for both commercial and residential buildings. We have skilled CAD drafters who can create uniquely scaled technical drawings using any JPEG format to PDF. Our CAD drafting services are also beneficial when converting drawings in paper into CAD formats. As a result, it is easy to share your work, edit it better, and preserve it.

Also, we have product design & development services which we deliver as per our clients' specifications. Our flawless CAD drawing services have boosted our client’s construction process and enabled them to stay ahead of their competitors.

We Provide the Following Drafting Services

  • Architectural CAD drafting: we deliver numerous architectural CAD drafting services: section drawings, Revit drafting, and elevation drawing.

  • Structural CAD drafting: we assist structural engineers, and general contractors reduce their design cycle by enabling them to attain qualitative project outcomes

  • MEP CAD drafting: we provide affordable MEP CAD drafting services

  • Mechanical CAD drafting: we offer complex mechanical CAD drafting services ranging from intricate mechanical designs to simple ones


We provide product design & development services for residential buildings, hotels, monuments, and commercial buildings.

Benefits of Using Seeking CAD Drafting Services

  • CAD software enables designers to correct errors on 3D models

  • CAD software provides accurate results hence reduces waste and saves time

  • CAD allows you to resend and share files easily as well as make modifications easily


CAD has replaced the tiresome old manual drafting process when constructing a building. Using CAD drafting services, you can easily modify 3D models. Simplify your building process today by seeking our CAD drafting services.

We are engaged by Big Architects to create an impressive Multimedia Presentation for these projects at downtown  . or Any other city in USA

Rendimension is established in 2004 inspired to bring a new 3D visualization experience to our clients. We consist of a Creative Collection with diverse background in architecture  graphic design and 3D modeling + animation.


In Rendimension  we believe each architectural design is unique and it is critical to identify   visualization style to embrace its design intention & strengths. We are committed to explore with architects/designers on any possibilities to achieve your design winning edge. To further enhance our clients’ 3D Visualization Experience  we have also established 3D design partners globally to bring the   & distinctive visualization works to our clients.


Rendimension specializes in creating photo-realistic Architectural Renderings  Interior Renderings and 3D Animations for Commercial and Residential Development Projects. Our expert 3D Artists provide our clients with the   quality design at an affordable price.


Rendimension is also an established web media content provider that create search engine optimized website  online marketing services as well as social media networking platform.

We provide a range of 3D visualization services

• 3d Architectural Perspectives

• Architectural Animations

• Interior Perspectives

• Real Estate Marketing Rendering

• Full- Suite Architectural Presentation


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