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Rendimension begins in 2006 as artist designer Architect Hugo Ramirez with creative ideas to achieve strategic advantage for designers, project managers, architects, and all the areas design involved. Cultivating relationships of customers we have grown our variety of services.


In 2012 Hugo started Rendimension firm and today he has more than 10 years experience in 3D and design. Hugo brings a refined, thoughtful, and organic approach to his projects, which range from architectural new projects, renovations and products development.




In 2016 we have increased our design services to animation, demo reel and 3d commercials.

In 2017 we have incorporated the Virtual Reality and 360 Experience on projects.

In 2018 we are on step beyond as pioneer doing bussiness into the blockchain future; accepting cryptocurrency transactions by Bitcoin ETH and TRX for all our services.

In 2018 Who we are?

Specialists in 3D CGI Rendering for all design areas.

Where we have been
In continuous service since 2006 Internationally (Hugo Ramirez after Rendimension)







Over 300 redering projects ejecuted in diferent áreas and more tan 1000 images processed


We provide design services including services to building owners, real estate companies, architects, designers, home builders, investors, interior designers, inventors and the healthcare industry













Core Values

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