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Hugo Ramirez is a new generation young talented designer with just 32 years old he has ten years of experience in 3D architecture, interior design and product development. He has spent his entire career in 3D and Design high end residential, corporate and commercial spaces.


Today Hugo is involved in both leading design projects as well as managing the staff at Rendimension.


Hugo has developed long-standing relationships with his clients. His design process embodies creativity and versatility, knowing that the ultimate goal is to design a space that reflects his clients desires.

hugo ramirez

The most important aspect of the client/designer relationship for Hugo is trust, and he prides himself on repeat business. The starting point for each project is a client’s needs professional and definitive results, and Hugo’s goal is to help define this vision in conjunction with his design expertise software knowledge and co workers.





As an Architect involved in new technologies and looking for ideas to get better results and better service Hugo has travelled to get new concepts and ideas from fairs, congress and courses in places like Miami, Tennessee, Dallas, Memphis, Greenwood, Austin, Seoul, Kwangju and Tokio.

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