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There is a reason why Rendimension is consistently selected by the world’s top companies to help illustrate design concepts and bring projects to life. Whether it’s a 3D architectural rendering, 3D city models, or any other type of 3D rendering, with our services there are virtually no limits to turning your ideas into reality. We are focus on illustration direct to marketing sales and approval for projects.

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

The interior model of your project is built to the exact dimensions of your drawings, and using our extensive furniture, material and details library we can complement the spaces with the look you prefer; be it classic, modern, contemporary or any other style.


You will be able to see how factors such as furniture, shadows, natural and artificial lighting are going to influence those spaces. We can also use real photographs taken from your project, to show the exact view you are going to have from each separate space of the project.


The images are as real as the ones you will have when you look from the inside of a finished project.

Exterior Rendering CGI Visualization

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

The exterior model of your project is constructed to the exact dimensions of your drawings, then is rendered using extremely realistic materials and effects, even the precise lighting of the project’s geographical location is applied to the model; this way you can appreciate how spaces, volumes, and materials would look like at any time of the day or night.


Enhance your sales and marketing efforts with photorealistic renderings showcasing the most appealing aspects of your project including, but not limited to, exterior renderings, interior renderings, birds-eye perspectives, house renderings, amenity renderings, floorplan renderings, architectural animations, virtual renderings, and streetscape renderings.


The surrounding streetscape and landscape of your project will also be modeled to show how your project will impact its location; you will have people, cars, signage, street furniture, trees and all the components necessary to make your project appear as real as if it was already there.

3D Plan Sections

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

The best way to appreciate how a space work is not looking at a normal floor plan; features such as multiple height spaces, ramps, stairs, bridges, voids or arcs are not easy to visualize if they are shown in two dimensions only.



The most practical way to show all those features is a 3D plan; these are isometric plans of every single floor or level of a project, showing the height of the walls, shape of the staircases or voids, but omitting the ceiling; people will easily gain a sense of scale of the space they are looking at.

Product Design & Development

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization
Interior Rendering CGI Visualization
Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

If you are creating a new product or patent.


We have a professional Design Service, if you need some help also we can help you with your design issues.


  • 3D Rendering Views


  • PDF Plans with all dimensions ( Front, Back, Sides, Top, Bottom),


  • 3D model file ready for 3d printers,


  • Perspective render transparent background hi res ready for publicity use.


  • Files ready for 3D Print for use as dummy

CAD Drafting Services.

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization

Professional grade drawings for Development Permits, Building Permits for New Homes, Commercial Properties, Infill’s, Duplexes, Garages, Basement Suites, Renovations of all kinds, Decks. 

With strong residential/commercial experience in both interior and exterior design, we can offer you a wide range of professional services which include: 

Interior / Exterior Design Development for New Build Houses or Renovation

Commercial buidlings 3000- 5000 sq. ft. (Office/ Retail Store/ Restaurant/ Industrial/ Motel/ Daycare) 

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