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With over a decade of experience helping architects, designers, housing developers and private individuals with their architectural visualisation needs, Rendimension offers instant understanding of your project, the reliability to deliver your renderings in 3D to the very highest of standards and use of the latest hardware, software and techniques to produce architectural illustration of the utmost quality.

From our base in USA we serve the architectural visualisation needs of not only the local area but those of Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and far beyond that too; geographic location is no barrier to us or our clients who want their architectural and design schemes rendered in stunning 3D.

Feel free to browse this site and view the services we can offer you, our current portfolio of renderings and, of course, ways to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Residential and commercial exterior renderings are one of the most common architectural visualisation services we offer. Often used to sell a design to the client, these fully computer generated images (often abbreviated to CGI while the discipline is also known or referred to as 3D visualisation, architectural renderings and architectural illustration, among others) can be used in marketing material such as property brochures and pitch documents to help people ‘see’ your vision and generate valuable income for your business.


Commercial, leisure and residential interiors are used in a similar way to exterior images; be it for a kitchen revamp or a new office you can be sure that the rendered images we deliver will show you how your scheme will look in stunning 3D. Having the ability to show your client 3D renderings of your concept is a truly valuable design tool because it allows you to engage in discussion and develop ideas using the images as points of reference. Equally, you can use it as a sales tool to win that commission you and your colleagues are pitching for – Rendimension has provided many design houses with 3D visuals to do just that.


Our photomontage service is a very useful option to have too. Commonly used in planning submissions we can combine a rendering of your proposal with survey data into a photograph to accurately show the impact (or lack thereon) your scheme will have on the existing area.

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We are engaged by Big Architects to create an impressive Multimedia Presentation for these projects at downtown  . or Any other city in USA

Rendimension is established in 2004 inspired to bring a new 3D visualization experience to our clients. We consist of a Creative Collection with diverse background in architecture  graphic design and 3D modeling + animation.


In Rendimension  we believe each architectural design is unique and it is critical to identify   visualization style to embrace its design intention & strengths. We are committed to explore with architects/designers on any possibilities to achieve your design winning edge. To further enhance our clients’ 3D Visualization Experience  we have also established 3D design partners globally to bring the   & distinctive visualization works to our clients.


Rendimension specializes in creating photo-realistic Architectural Renderings  Interior Renderings and 3D Animations for Commercial and Residential Development Projects. Our expert 3D Artists provide our clients with the   quality design at an affordable price.


Rendimension is also an established web media content provider that create search engine optimized website  online marketing services as well as social media networking platform.

We provide a range of 3D visualization services

• 3d Architectural Perspectives

• Architectural Animations

• Interior Perspectives

• Real Estate Marketing Rendering

• Full- Suite Architectural Presentation


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