Online visualization for architects, planners, developers, manufacturers. Computer Generated Imagery


CGI can save time and money for creating complex room sets and environments. Traditionally a photographer would have to physically build each room set once finished dismantle it. Once the asset of the room set is built in 3d we can position the 3D camera in several angles to produce multiple images.


Use professional 3D rendering for the presentation well before the final product is manufactured. Share photoreal 3D rendering across social media channels and take pre-orders at your eCommerce store.


Use high quality 3D rendering to present an interior well before the space has been built. Show various concepts for one project, save time in it’s agreement and avoid loss-making mistakes in realization.

However once you have invested in creating a digital room set this asset can be reused infinite amounts times with as many amends as you wish. We can also provide you with chalk models of room sets you are planning on creating or photorealistic images.


Use 3D architectural rendering to help key decision makers understand and view the proposed project in photoreal detail. 3D rendering is the key to easy planning permission and way to win your next competition.

CGI should be seen as a tool to aid a photographer / photography not to replace it and example of this could be the photographer shoots to product and Rendimension creates the backgrounds in CGI matching photographer camera position and lens.