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360 For Augmented Reality Renderings

Interior Rendering CGI Visualization
Jay leopardi

Jay Leopardi

Hugo's work is absolutly incredible.

Always delivers on time, every time. 

walter Thurmond

Walter Thurmond III

Hugo helped us for years as we developed our new technology. His work is incredible.

I would recommend him to anyone. 



My partners and I have been very satisfied with Hugo and his professional work. 

Our Services:

                              ■ 3D Exterior Rendering                     ■ 3D Interior Rendering

                              ■ 3D Product Rendering                     ■ 3D  Virtual Reality Animations

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We have increased our design services to animation, demo reel and 3d commercials.


We have incorporated the Virtual Reality and 360 Experience on projects.

Awarded at the highest level of customer satisfaction by Houzz.


We are on step beyond as pioneer doing business into the blockchain payments future; accepting cryptocurrency as Bitcoin ETH, LTC and TRX for all our services.

Awarded as Best Rendering Firm in California by BUILD Magazine.

In 2019 Who we are?

Nowadays Hugo has become a new generation of young entrepreneurs with 34 yrs old he has expertise in 3D architecture for a new generation..

Awarded as Best Architectural Rendering Firm in USA by BUILD Magazine

Principal Hugo
Interior Rendering CGI Visualization
Interior Rendering CGI Visualization
achitectural firm

Our History:


Rendimension begins with artist-designer Architect Hugo Ramirez his creative ideas to achieve strategic advantage for designers, project managers, architects, and all the areas design involved.


Cultivating relationships of customers we have grown our variety of services.


Hugo started Rendimension firm and today he has more than 12 years of experience in 3D and design.


Hugo brings a refined, thoughtful, and organic approach to his projects, which range from architectural new projects, renovations and product development.

About our Principal Hugo

During his student years, with creative ideas and basic knowledge of software and Revit 2004, 3D Max 8, Autocad 2004 started to develop the first steps  and designs with the same goal. Best in service, Best Partner, Best Quality.


He has spent his entire career in 3D and Design high end residential, corporate and commercial spaces.


Today Hugo is involved in both leading design projects as well as managing the staff at Rendimension. We have been awarded by Houzz in 2017, Build 2018 and 2019 as Best Rendering Firm in USA by Build Magazine.

The most important aspect of the client/designer relationship for Hugo is trust, and he prides himself on repeat business.


The starting point for each project is a client’s needs professional and definitive results, and Hugo’s goal is to help define this vision in conjunction with his design expertise software knowledge and co-workers.


As an Architect involved in new technologies and looking for ideas to get better results and better service Hugo has traveled to get new concepts and ideas from fairs, congress and courses in places like Miami, Tennessee, Dallas, Memphis, Greenwood, Austin, Seoul, Kwangju, and Tokio.