Ahead of Competition

 It's becoming more and more common that clients are asking for 3D renderings. Visualizations will help you present your bid as a premium offering.


Avoiding Unhappy Clients

The changes might seem be a headache in the moment, but it's much better than dealing with the issues during or after construction. Angry clients can lead to negative reviews or in the worst-case legal action.


Increasing Sales

One big advantage as a interior designer of using 3D rendering is the consistency and quality of images for your portfolio.  Also, getting access to the property after construction is not always possible. Also, you will have the images for your portfolio right away with doing the rendering in advance. If the project is going on the market after completion, the rendering can be a fantastic sales tool. 

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Home Decor

Preparing 3D Renderings With The Right Vendor Can Improve Your Sales and Save You Money

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About our Principal Hugo

Hugo Ramirez; Architect AIA Assoc.


Started his career at very early age. During his student years, Hugo developed the ability to create stunning photorealistic images in 2005, he became one of the best 3D designers of his college generation. 


After with creative ideas and basic software knowledge he got his firsts projects at the near constructions sites to his University. 

Nowadays owner of Rendimension has developed more than 1000 visualization projects and have presence in California, Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and other cities of USA. 


Internationally Rendimension has prepared some projects in cities like; London, Dubai and Mexico.


The most important aspect of the client/designer relationship for Hugo is trust, and he prides himself on repeat business.​

It's not just about the project, it's also about how well we work together.

"Today Hugo is involved in both leading design projects as well as managing the staff at Rendimension. The company has been awarded by Houzz in 2017, Build 2018 and 2019 as Best Rendering Firm in USA by Build Magazine."

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What Clients Says About Us



" I have changed my 3d rendering supplier many times, Once I found Hugo's guide It has been so helpful, and I was able to understand many mistakes" The Best He Provided it by Free!


Kari W. Interior Decorator


" I didn't know about the importance to have professional rendering services for my projects. Hugo has been great on the process, and so patient."


Sean D. CDO.



"Amazing Work! So Skilled and knows exactly what do do. Communicated very well and Quick! Will work again soon with him and his team."



Mike B. General Contractor.



"Professional, prompt and very patient with very specific design details. A pleasure to work with and look forward to doing business again!"


Haley K. Architect.



"Hugo is the best! His work speaks volumes! His professionalism and delivery of products were on point. I stepped out on faith when I decided to work with him and I can not express how happy we are! Thank you Hugo we have more for you to do, so get ready!! I highly recommend this company!!!"


Grace D. Director.



"It is a real pleasure to work with Hugo. The level of professionalism, competency and artistic ability in his work are first rate. He meets the deadlines and is very thorough in communication. I would recommend him without hesitation.."



Doug D. Project Manager.

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Maybe Your Are Not Totally Happy With Your Current Rendering Service

Yes! many clients come to us because the have received a terrible service!

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3D Backyard Image

It's Beyond An Illustration For Projects

This is How Your Company Is Seen By Clients.​

This is All The Difference Between Your Presentations VS Competitors.​

This Reflects Quality, Simple, The Way You Work.

1. We Will Go From Your Info.


2. Convert to 3D.


3. To This!...


Is This The Level What You Are Looking For Your Projects?

This is Exact What I Need For..


Renderings Today Need To Be More Than Just An Image

Professional Renderings Today Are Not Only Images, It Must Be a Complete Turn-key Solution For Architects, Realtors, Designers. 


Our Expertise and Knowledge Let Us Back You Up With All The Process of Your Project. More Than A Rendering, We Are 24/7 Partners.