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What are the benefits using 3D Virtual  Walkthroughs

  • Inmersive Projects,Transforms the sale of off-plan property

  • Better Space Visualization.

  • ​Massive Savings unforeseen problems are seen and caught earlier, long before the project reaches building stage, thus preventing needless delays.

  • ​Clients, buyers, tenants, and other stakeholders can see the designer’s vision in much more immediate way with VR.

  • ​This potentially offers the client the opportunity for increased profits or the ability to sell/rent more competitively. The detailed design efficiencies achieved can also lead to savings, such as in operating costs and in avoiding later correction work.

  • ​Potential buyers now have the ability to virtually envisage how buildings will come to look and feel in reality, giving them more information when choosing whether to go ahead.

  • ​Multiple design, colour and furniture options can all be experienced interactively within the virtual world, leading to more decisive choices, saving time and providing greater certainty for all.

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