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Transform hand-drawn plans, cell phone images, or videos into remarkable 3D Renderings and more.

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And Transformed & Delivered Amazing 3D Renders 

Rendimension Hugo Ramirez Architect Commercial Design 3D Resorts RV.png

The client builder and developer contacted me for a commercial investment project that involved a complete renovation of an existing run-down building within a yacht club. The idea was to create a fresh environment that would include coworking spaces, RV access, as well as a small store and coffee shop. 

Rendimension Office Design Architect Hugo Ramirez  Miami.png

Worked with a pair of ambitious entrepreneurs who relocated from Los Angeles and established a new Real Estate office in the prestigious Brickell area of Miami. They secured a space within one of the towers, and during our meeting, we discussed the vital need to create a call center environment that was both flexible and appealing to the millennial community, all while presenting a favorable impression to visitors.

Among the projects I've undertaken in the iconic Miami Design District, one standout is the redesign of this store. The new tenant sought a completely captivating and iconic image for their furniture brand in this prime location. The challenge lay in revamping the exteriors to make them inviting and attractive, beckoning visitors to step inside.

This project involved a subtle yet transformative redesign of the majestic Imperial staircase within a luxurious Bel Air mansion in Los Angeles. The primary goal was to preserve the timeless charm of the original style while infusing it with a breath of fresh modernity. The result is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary allure, making this staircase a stunning focal point that seamlessly bridges the gap between tradition and modern sophistication

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rendimension_3d_renderings_181207138_236584848257566_261210620173050878_n (1).jpg
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